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Phone Command android spy software enables you to get the answers you need in real-time. This app includes a ton of hi-tech surveillance features, which enables you to secretly monitor all cell phone activities and view the information in the palm of your hand. The most hi-tech parental monitoring is now available.

Advanced Background Monitoring
Phone Command has advanced background monitoring options. You can record audio in the background, choosing the duration and also whether the user is present or not. Audio monitoring uses an advanced "whisper quiet" algorhythm to record audio at maximum volume to catch even the quietest of conversations. Conversations in nearby rooms are easily audible.

Advanced picture monitoring is also available. If you need to make sure your child is in a safe environment, you can take a picture in the background without the user's knowledge. No camera sound is fired and the picture is not saved on the device or visible on the sd card or gallery.
Texting and Picture Text
Intercept both incoming and outgoing text messages and MMS picture messages in real-time. The data is logged before it is even displayed to the user. This prevents deletion after receiving a "sensitive" message.

With Phone Command, all text and MMS picture messages are viewable as a conversation, as if you were holding the phone in your hand. No hard to read websites or timestamps. Everything is how it was intended to be. You can easily back up all messages or separate conversations to easily readable text files directly to your sd card, making it easy to export to your computer or email as an attachment.
Location Tracking
Location tracking does not require a gps connection, or connection to the internet. Phone Command uses cell phone triangulation to get a location without having to alert the user.

You can get the location at any time by using Phone Command's built in controls menu. Simply request the location update, and view the update on either your standard maps app or a built-in map viewer. Each location you request is stored with a date and time and archived for later backup if needed.
Phone Calls
Incoming and outgoing phone calls are intercepted in real-time and cannot be deleted before being stored. Each phone log has date and time information, as well as duration.

With Phone Command, it's easy to see new contacts or potentially risky behavior. When you view phone calls, if they are in the contact list they will be displayed by name. If it's a new number that's not on the contact list, you'll just see the phone number.
Gallery & Camera Spy
Gallery images and camera images are monitored easily with Phone Command. Detect dangerous or inappropriate behavior with this feature!

Camera pictures are intercepted in real-time and sent shortly after they are taken. Also, any downloaded images from the web are sent periodically as well. Both camera and web images are displayed under Phone Command's "Media" tab for easy viewing. Similar to text messages, a picture cannot be deleted before being logged and sent.
Web & Search History
Web history and Search History (Search Button) are intercepted and logged automatically. Sensitive browsing cannot be deleted before hand!

You have the option to view each visit directly in your phone's browser to see what they saw. You have the option to back up web history or phone search queries to text files as well for easy export to pc or email.
Track Contacts
Any new contacts added to the phone are automatically logged, including their picture icon. Contacts are used in all sections of Phone Command to display each user or conversation.

This makes it easy to spot people that are not on your contacts list. All calls and text conversations use the contact names if available. Once again, you can easily export the contact list to move to pc or email as an attachment.

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This android spy app is for parental monitoring purposes only. Catching a cheating spouse or spying on girlfriend's cell phone or monitoring employee's cell phones may be against your local laws or regulations.